Ace of Hearts cardiac support group

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London lights and Christmas market walk.

On Wednesday 06 December 2017 16 AoH members met at Charing Cross Station at 1500 ready to hit the lights etc. Led by Judo Mike & Taxi Steve we set off up The Strand to Covent Garden where we split up to have a look around. The whole area was nicely decorated with lots of lights and Christmas baubles etc. We had a look around the market stalls inside the main building, listened to the opera singer giving her all in the café downstairs and also visited the Jubilee Market opposite. Meeting up again we made our way back through to The Strand and then through the main entrance into the courtyard of Somerset House where we gathered by the ice-rink hoping to see lots of people falling over! After watching aspiring Torvill and Deans for a while we visited the main building of Somerset House where Fortnum & Mason had taken over most of the rooms and filled them with their Christmas offerings. Some of the group were very tempted by the £100 box of chocolates but were worried that they might get mugged on the way home. After admiring the decorations and all the interesting items on display inside we crossed the Thames and set off along the Embankment towards the South Bank, having a look at the German Market stalls on the way. At the Southbank Complex we were tempted by a vast choice of places to eat and after some discussion (and a bit of forceful persuasion with Judo (I don’t like pasta) Mike we went into a Strada and managed to get 2 tables together for the 14 of us that were eating. We had a nice meal and then made our way back across the river to Charing Cross where we all caught trains home just before 2000. Another very successful AoH outing.