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Visit to Chiselhurst Caves - 25 October 2017

We had arranged to meet in the Caves cafe by 11.00 and everyone arrived on time. There were 18

of us.

Our guided tour was booked for 11.15 and lasted about 45 minutes.

We were given an oil lamp to help see where we were going as the floors of the tunnels are un

even. It is surprising how much light they give and they create a pleasant atmosphere.

If you have a fear of darkness then this is not for you!!!!

The caves are a labyrinth of dark mysterious passageways which you would be unlikely to find

your way through unaided.

The caves are at a constant temperature of 10 degrees so it felt a little chilly.

The tunnels are about 20 miles long but we only covered one mile on our tour. During WW2 the

Caves were used as an air raid shelter and could accommodate 15000 people each night, with

beds for all of them.

There are a few interesting things to see like a huge fossil on the roof of one tunnel, a small

church, a hospital and some interesting carvings made 19 years ago by a lady from New Zealand.

Although some guides claim they have seen a ghost we did not meet any. The only strange things

we heard were Roger’s jokes…..

Our guide was very good and luckily knew his way back!! So we managed to get back to the

surface with the group intact but Roger & Doreen managed to get lost between the Caves car

park & the pub - a distance of about 200 yards. Apparently they were last seen turning the wrong

way out of the car park with Roger muttering something about the Cutty Sark!

After the visit 12 of us met up in a pub called the Imperial Arms where we had a very nice lunch.

All in all it was once again a successful outing.

Regine Milkins.