Ace of Hearts cardiac support group

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Well Christmas was nearly here and we were off to visit the German Street market. 

It was a mild day and stayed dry for us. We met at Waterloo on the balcony overlooking the concourse and enjoyed watching the Elves play and dance whilst we waited. 

Poor Steve had man flu and could not drag himself up to London for the outing. Phil was also unable to join us, so we all agreed that Dave was the official photographer for the day. 

Well off we set walking across to the London Eye and as we looked right along the embankment there was no market to be seen. Panic set in, had we got the wrong day? Had they all gone back to Germany? But then Mike spotted the market had moved back from the embankment. We cruised through the market enjoying the aroma’s of foods and mulled wine. A number of us made purchases especially the tea light “Starlight’s”. As we walked along dreaming of a ride on the Christmas express train, we saw a beautiful Macmillan Christmas tree which we placed a heart on for Phil.

A brisk walk across the river and up to St Martin’s in the Field for lunch in the Crypt. (Mike knows all the best places to eat!)After lunch we waited for Louisa to finish her brass rubbing and then we were off to Covent Garden. We visited to St Paul’s , the actors church and saw many memorials to famous actors. Then a trawl through the market , we agreed to meet at the far end but of course all the ladies, except Liz, got lost. After a search party failed to find them hiding in a toy shop, we meandered down to Somerset House where we sampled some free biscuits and watched the ice scatting. Eventually the ladies caught up with us and made lots of excuses as to why they got lost. We have all agreed next year we are going to try out the ice skating. We then began our weary journey home before the rush hour trains became too crowded. Thanks Mike for a great day out.