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Ace of Hearts trip to Hythe 23rd July 2014

Well the day started off a bit cloudy as 16 of the 17 Ace of Hearts members gathered for 9.00 am at Crayside. At 9.20 Tony (No 17) strolled across the car park – “Are you waiting for me”!!?? There was a loud, unprintable response and we set off. We had a good run down to Hythe and the sun came out.

We started with a guided tour of the highlights of Hythe, discovering the long and exciting history of this little sea side town. Lillian (late booker) muttered “that shouldn’t take long” in a joking manner – Guy (tour leader) considered asking her to leave the bus suggesting she may find a personal tour of Crayford more interesting! Lillian fluttered her eye lashes and was allowed to remain on the coach.

Margaret and John, who came by car, joined us on the tour at Hythe. We had a walk around the town and finished at the Church and Crypt. The Official Tour Guide explained that most of the present built up area was in the sea until recent times. Roger tried to take over the tour but he had to be restrained and muzzled as he kept referring to the Cutty Sark having been tied up in Hythe High Street in the 17th century! By this time the sun was blazing and Doreen had taken what Roger estimated to be 2000 photos – (probably more accurately 100 photos). Back down to the town centre and a bite to eat for some and a pint for others. Big Dave and Tony each sunk 2 pints of Guinness and bitter respectively in the Kings Arms whilst Phil had a small, slim line tonic!

We then strolled down to the beach where we found a friendly, but strangely familiar, vagrant lazing on the benches (the other Dave – see photo). The sun was hot and there were fears that Dave may change colour to very bright red! Still we knew that JudoMike was anxious to try out the AoH defib machine that was permanently strapped to his back - so we left Dave undisturbed. Doreen managed to get her kite flying with Guy’s trunks attached. A strong wave had released them when Guy could not resist a quick swim to Calais. Fortunately we had some Sudocrem left over from the Pacemakers bike ride to Brighton and a volunteer oiled him up for the channel crossing!!? We strolled back and everybody was on time for the pickup in the town centre; then we went to Burmarsh Lathe Barn Tea Rooms for 4.00 pm Crème Tea. Guy was kind enough to drive down one road both ways so we could all see the view of Port Lyme! (He rejected the unanimous criticism that he had lost the way). Steve (Vice Chair) was not on the trip as he was financially preparing for his cruise. Thus Phil was the substitute innocent victim that was bullied and picked on. Whilst everyone tucked in to the calorific cream tea items, gorging themselves to a point which was worrying the coach hire firm’s cleaners, Phil made do with a lettuce leaf and a glass of water. Guy, Tony, Gavin and Big Dave need Specsavers as they have all reported Phil’s consumption as being a massive 3 scoop ice cream with whipped cream on top and a compensatory Diet Coke to wash it down.

Gavin drove us all home safely and all had an enjoyable and exciting day out.

*These people are real but their antics and the facts may have been enhanced or distorted for your entertainment.