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Our day out at the Imperial War Museum.

The start of the day was not very promising as the weather was very wet and bleak. The rendezvous point was on the upper balcony in Waterloo Main line station and everyone turned up on time. We set up to the museum on foot through the streets of South London guided by Mike.

The Museum building itself is very impressive and so are the two guns which guard the main entrance. We had the usual group photo and got a call from Steve who joined us for the morning. Being half term the museum was packed.

The museum tells the stories of people’s experiences of modern war from WW1 to conflicts today and the exhibitions are very interesting and very poignant.

We all met up again at 1pm in the main hall and went to lunch in the Three Stags, pub recommended by Steve.

The landlord took us up to the top floor were we had a room to ourselves. He arranged a few tables for us so that the twelve of us could sit together. After having eaten fish and chips or sausage and mash we decided that because the weather had turned out to be very sunny it would be nice to walk along the river on the South Bank and then back across Hungerford Bridge back to Charing Cross station.

By that time it was 1600 so time to catch our various trains back home before the rush hour started.

It was a very good day enjoyed by all.

Regine Milkins