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Outing to the RAF museum on the 23th August 2017

14 of us met on the new London Bridge concourse at 10.15. Mike ticked his list as each of us

arrived. We waited until 10.30 to see if anyone else would turn up then decided to make our way

through the long corridor to the Northern Line. We didn't have too long to wait before the tube

arrived to take us to Colindale station.

Outside the tube station was the bus stop so 4 people decided to wait for a bus whilst the rest of

us walked to the museum. This only took us about 15 minutes.

We all met again in the museum entrance. We decided that it would be better for each of us to do

own things and meet again at 15.30 to start the journey home.

The museum is enormous and there is so much to see - the highlights for me were:

The Vulcan bomber - an awe inspiring piece of machinery & the video of a squadron of Vulcans

taking off which you watch from inside the actual Vulcan’s bomb bay.

The display & video of ejector seats (which we thought might be useful on future coach outings

for anyone who talked too much) unfortunately none of them were for sale.

The Lancaster & Flying Fortress bombers - so enormous

The sandwiches, cakes & coffee for lunch were very nice as well.

We all met again at the agreed time and walked back to Colindale tube station where we soon

caught a tube train to Charing Cross and then we all went our different ways home from there.

Once again It was a very successful and pleasant day.

Régine Milkins

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