Ace of Hearts cardiac support group

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Ace of Hearts visit to Walmer Castle and Deal Pier. 
24th June 2015

The day started well with the promise of lots of Sunshine as we met at the Crayford gym for our exciting day out. For some the excitement started rather sooner than expected as Guy filled up the screen wash on the bus.

We set off for the first time every early having had one participant fall off the list leaving two empty seats on the bus that were quickly taken by Marie and Brian. We had a pleasant drive down the A2 and M2 to Faversham where we had a comfort stop at Macknade’s ( where most enjoyed a coffee and a piece of cake and Tony had his full breakfast.

Then on to Walmer Castle where we had a wonderful tour around the house learning so much about Wellington and how he beat the French. We had our own translator for some of the picture titles. We then moved out on to the balcony where some of us had great difficulty finding France. It was straight in front of us, with the cannons pointing it out for us.

Some of us then retired to the Cafe for lunch, and the poor ones among the group went outside in the grounds for a lovely picnic in the sunshine. After lunch we all had a walk around the grounds exploring the beautiful gardens and the dry moat. The gift shop came next with a certain person sampling all of the free drink tasters and the nibbles that went with them. (Louisa)

Then we made our way to Deal sea front where we had a bit of an adventure parking the bus. Once sorted we all had a lovely walk along the pier and enjoyed a coffee in the cafe at the end of the pier. We saw the Deal time ball ( actually working. Our weary adventurers then embarked back on the bus for a comfortable drive back thanks to Gavin who received a rapturous applause much to the disdain of the morning driver Guy who did not get any such acknowledgment